Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We got to meet with our Mentees today.  Henry, Akai, ans Estelle.  Dedicated journalists for Liberia's Power TV.   We hope to encourage some of their stories on environmental, political, women's issues while we are here.  TV here is emerging so there are some technical issues.  The gear they use is a little older than what we use, but a camera is just a tool so one must overcome the obstacles and get it done with what you have.  

They do a regular evening newscast at 9 pm for approximately and hour. Just looking at lastnights newscast and its great to see that the top stories where about landrights, oil rights and the recent appointment of the Presidents son as Board Chair of the National Oil Company.  A pro bono position, but    do to him being the son of the President raises some transparency issues.

There are some great stories here to tell and I hope that Laurel and I can bring you some of them. Here is a few pictures from outside Power TV's offices.

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