Friday, May 25, 2012

Think about your hottest summer. The kind where you start sweating when you wake up and the sheets are already soaked. You hop in the shower hoping to cool off. Problem is no water. Oh and no electricity. Welcome to Liberia. Even if you could afford 54 cents per kilowatt hour, most people can't, (.6 % of the population is connected according to the Guardian Newspaper,) the power here is hit and miss. Liberia is currently powered by diesel. All of it. Those that aren't hook up to the grid, which is being helped along by Manitoba Hydro International, use generators. To the tune of $800,000 a month.

Woke up on Sunday morning hoping for a relaxing morning and the comfort of hot coffee, a cool shower and air condition to take the edge of the stifling heat but was reminded that life is that simple for most people here. Over night we had one of Monrovia's rainy season storms so I have to put up with the inconvenience of no power and no water. Just outside our comfy compound it's just the daily struggle for most people who could only dream of 24 hour power and a clean source of water. I would if they are even aware, or dare to dream of what we take for granted. Yes for some Canadians life can be called a struggle. Mortgage payments, car loans, student debt for some, maybe not having steak for dinner tonight. But its all relative. So before you decide that I just being a sanctimonious arse, take a breath and be happy that where you were born makes a big difference and count yourself lucky and thank your lucky starts that your water works, you have electricity and food in the cupboard.

Now I'm off to have another cup of coffee, as I was lucky enough to boil the kettle before the power died the morning. As for shower, it can wait, and is going to have to.   

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