Monday, May 7, 2012

As we dropped out of the clouds and landed on the newly repaired runway (thanks for trashing it Air France,) you could see the lushness.  Many many shades of green.  (Which for a colour blind guy, is pretty good.)   After they popped the doors on the plane you could feel the heat rolling down the plane to my seat in the back.  The shimmering waves of a plus 36 degrees, something that I was happy to embrace.  Ok maybe not that happy.   We zigged and zagged our way through passport control in the tiny Roberts International Airport.  I laughed out loud as the Chinese passengers cut in front of people in the line up, some things never change.  After picking up our bags and my cases, we headed out the door through customs who took one look at all my stuff and waved us through.   

Monrovia passes the airport road test.  You can tell a lot about a place on the drive in from the airport.
People going about daily life, trying to make a buck selling what ever they can on the side of the road.  A fairly good road I might add.   The odd garbage fire to jog that smell of a 3rd world country from the back of you head.

Laurel and have moved into our 2 bedroom apartment, and spent our first full day doing the usual business of sim cards and cell phones, rocket stick and internet connections.  A few groceries and some general orientation and we are good to go for our first day at Power TV tomorrow.

We were treated to a great lighting show tonight. Unfortunately our place doesn't have a great vantage point for shooting such a storm, but I'm sure I'll get a few pictures at some points.  For now I will leave you with these from Day one.

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